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Instructions for logging in the Conference

Dear participants,

All AGILE 2021 sessions (main sessions, workshops, posters, meetings) will be conducted through ZOOM platform. For security reasons, we created personal accounts for all the AGILE 2021 participants in the ZOOM platform.

To connect in a ZOOM meeting, you have to login with your personal account.
The credentials of your account are:
Username: ag21. Password: ag21.@A1

Important notification: Remove dots (“.”) or dashes (“-“) etc. from the first part of your email, if they exist.

For instance:
If you have registered in the conference with the email: your credentials are:

Username: ag21.gkpetrak
Password: ag21.gkpetrak@A1

If you want to change your password please follow this link:

ATTENTION: Please login with your account to the ZOOM platform of the University: through SSO at least once before attending the conference.

On behalf of the local organizing committee

In case of an emergency or technical issues you may contact Panagiotis Partsinevelos,

+30 6974478823,

Panagiotis Partsinevelos